At Team Chameleon we can offer a wide selection of services. We can create whole packages for your needs or you if you just need a particular skill set than we happy to provide you with that too. To get a quote and discuss your needs further please email us at


Event Coverage

We can capture your event, whatever your occasion, and provide you with DVDs and digital files of your day. You can hire Team Chameleon to simply shoot or edit or we can help create an entire video with you from the concept stage dependent on your needs.

If you run several events a year and wish to organise an annual quote with us than please contact us to discuss this further.

Corporate Videos

At Team Chameleon we strongly believe in creating creative and inspiring corporate videos, business doesn't have to mean boring. We can help your business in many ways whether you wish to create training videos, advertisements, demonstration videos, whatever you need we can provide. We can help you plan your video from the concept stage and can hire in any crew you need and even source locations. We can take control of every aspect of your video should you wish or we can simply plan the video with you and come along to shoot and provide you with an edit. 


At Team Chameleon HQ we have a full photo studio set up based in the Nottingham city centre. Using the space we can offer all kinds of photo services including beauty, headshots, portraits, people and product all in one environment. However, we can easily come to you to capture shots of your special day, your team or your product. Whatever your photographic needs we can provide them at a reasonable price.


An actor or production company looking to earn some more exposure? Then let Team Chameleon make the perfect showreel for you to show off your skills to the world. Many roles require a showreel just to get an audition these days, so make sure you don't miss out.

Unique skills

At Team Chameleon we have a variety of unique skills we can offer as a one off or as part of a package.

We can help you with the basics, such as shooting and editing your film. Our in house producer can handle any aspect of your film or even run it all for you. What makes Team Chameleon unique is that we can also offer many other creative skills such as prop making, special FX make up or visual effects in house. Take a look at our showreel and short films to see what kind of effects we mean. All of these can be utilised for your project. Have you made something but don't know how to finish it? Team Chameleon can provide all aspects of post-production for your project and help you deliver the finished product.